Getting a Construction Management Degree

A degree in construction management is a way to become a leader in the field of design and engineering for buildings. If you’re interested in this career you must find a program that permits you to learn by hands-on experience and work on real projects. The program should also offer an excellent combination of theoretical and practical knowledge.

A high-quality degree in construction management can open up a variety of possibilities within the construction industry. Additionally, it could bring a higher salary. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for construction managers is $108,210.

While completing your degree, you will learn all of the skills required to manage a project from its conception to completion. This includes planning budgeting, planning, and estimating. Additionally, you will learn how to deal with legal and construction contracts.

The program will teach you the basics of science, engineering, and mathematics as well as technical disciplines such as drawing, surveying and materials testing. It will also provide courses on construction equipment, concrete, and masonry construction site logistics and computer-aided drawing.

The program will allow you to work in a variety of sectors that include residential, commercial industrial, heavy-civil and industrial construction. Depending on the industry you work in you could work for public or private browse this site construction companies general contractors and subcontractors as additionally, specialty contractors and consultants. You could also work for architecture firms, real estate developers and city, state and federal government agencies.