Keeping Your Data Safe Online

The internet and digital technologies make our lives easier, but they also carry certain dangers. The number of data breaches continue to increase, and keeping personal information safe online is a matter of concern for individuals as well as companies. The best way to protect your data is to keep it as private as you can.

Ideally only those who require your information for work purposes should have access to your information. It is also recommended to keep a copy navigating the nuances of near field communication in business of your data in the event that they become corrupted or lost. Make sure you back up your files regularly and store them somewhere other than your primary work place. In the event of a burglary or fire, this will minimize the chance of losing your data.

Another important point is to only share the details you need. Do not share all of the files when, for example, someone needs to access three documents from your company. In the event of an incident involving a leak or breach of data the more access you grant increases your risk of having more information go into the wrong hand. Use devices that stop unauthorised editing. If you and your colleagues are working on an Excel spreadsheet There are software that will block any changes to the spreadsheet’s numbers. This can stop malicious or accident changes, and ensure that the data remain correct.

It is recommended to ensure that your software is up-to-date and also be aware of the security settings on your devices. For example If you’re participating in a virtual meeting be aware of the setting on the screen sharing feature, as it could inform anyone viewing your device exactly what is on it, including any open tabs or documents.