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Bosch Products

- Detector


Professional Series TriTech Curtain Motion Detectors

  • 30 m(100 ft) x 2.6 m(8.5 ft) standard coverage
  • 2.1 m to 3 m (7 ft to 10 ft) mounting height, no adjustments required, optional lookdown masking
  • Sensor data fusion technology
  • Range adaptive radar and active white light suppression
  • Dynamic temperature compensation
  • Remote walk test
  • Alarm memory
  • Draft and insect immunity
  • Cloak and Camouflage Detection Technology(C2DT)


Blue Line Gen2 PIR Motion Detectors

  • Wall to Wall coverage – Superior catch performance within 12 m x 12 m(40 ft x 40 ft) coverage area
  • Pet-friendly Selectable model available optimize installation for pet(20 kg) and non-pet applications
  • Dynamic Temperature Compensation – superior catch performance in any environment
  • Flexible Mounting Height, No Adjustments reduce installation time and false alarms, improve catch performance
  • Self-locking Enclosure with Integrated Bubble Level – reduce installation time


Commercial Series TriTech AM Motion Detectors with Anti-mask

  • Tritech. Passive infrared and microwave Doppler radar detection with First Step Processing.
  • TriTech AM models include active infrared anti mask
  • Flexible Mounting Height and Integrated EOL resistors.
  • Cloak and Camouflage Detection Technology(C2DT).
  •  Microwave Noise Adaptive Processing


Glassbreak detector, round

  • Microprocessor-base sound analysis technology (SAT)
  • Current: 23 mA at 12 VDC
  • Voltage: 6 VDC to 15 VDC
  • Operating Temperature:-29°C to +49°C (-20°F to +120°F) For UL Certificated installations, 0°C to +49°C (+32°F to +120°F)
  • Automatic environmental test circuitry


DS150i Series Request-to-exit Detectors

  • Single or double door use
  • Wall or ceiling mountable
  • Internal vertical pointability
  • Wrap-around coverage pattern
  • Selectable relay trigger mode
  • Selectable fail: safe/fail secure mode


DS160 Series High Performance Request-to-exit Detectors

  • Door monitor with sounder alert
  • Sequential Logic Input (SLI)
  • Internal vertical pointability
  • Wrap-around coverage pattern with precise pattern control
  • Up to 64 second adjustable latch time
  • Selectable fail: safe/fail secure modes
  • Selectable relay trigger mode
  • Adjustable sounder volume
  • Activation LED