Fujiko is a security series developed by world’s leading manufacturer – Fujiko Security Group. Designed to providing world-class quality security products to small- and medium-size business (SMB) applications, Honeywell Black provides a comprehensive range of video surveillance, intrusion solutions, access control and home systems. These cost-effective offerings will bring SMBs high performance, duration and reliable security solutions that they can install-and-forget.

Fujiko products are:
•    Simple-to-install
•    Easy-to-use
•    Cost-effective
•    Reliable 

Web based Access Control System
The system’s built-in web server allows users to employ a standard web browser to manage, control and monitor the access control system from anywhere internet connection is available! 

Fujiko Products


Fire alarm control panel 50 address 50 addressable devices of any type of detectors and modules of any type of detectors and modules